Blogging About My Issues With Blogging

Oh, friends, would I ever love to get back into blogging on a regular basis. Here’s the problem that repeatedly stalls any progress toward actually doing it; I can’t find a single topic that meets my ever expanding set of self-imposed rules for writing things I don’t end up feeling terrible about. I have started many blog updates and have subsequently deleted them all when I realize they offend one if not all of my ideals. I’m stalled. I’m stumped. I have a passion, but it’s got major problems.
So, I’ve decided to open myself up to the thoughts of others by posting these self-imposed rules of mine and potentially hearing what others think of them. I would also be curious to hear what, if anything, people would read of mine if I did go back to writing more regularly.
Self-imposed Rules for Blogging:
  1. I don’t want to portray myself as a perfect, super-spiritual, know-it-all, intimidating, stay-at-home-mom. I’m not, and no one should subject themselves to reading stuff like that.
  2. Conversely, I don’t want to throw myself, my children, or my husband under the bus by posting about our many shortcomings, even for altruistic reasons. That kind of stuff makes me do what I call a “compassion cringe”. My heart goes out to the families with moms who air too much before children are old enough to consent, or wives who don’t realize how poorly husband bashing reflects on themselves. . . Though, I know I am personally guilty of having done some level of this before. . .
  3. I should not act like I am an expert on anything since I am not an expert on anything.
  4. I don’t ever want my children to feel like they have to comply with some kind of ideal simply because of how I have portrayed them or our family to others. I don’t want to post “Here’s how to be a happy, loving, creative, God-centered, family” blogs and then have to figure out how to handle a kid making decisions that fly in the face of that image. I also  don’t want to give a rebellious child the power to destroy any image I’ve built up.  Chances are one of my children will at least temporarily do things their own way, and I need to feel free to let that happen without feeling like I’m yet another example of “good parenting gone wrong”, or “posers get exposed”. I’d just rather be an example of “I tried my best even when there are no guarantees” parenting.
  5. It feels to me that everything there is to write about, has already been written about, and not only written about, but beaten to a bloody death all over the ground. Anyone can just share their every thought, however unhealthy, however amazing, at any moment of any day, and so, many, many of us do. If I googled it, I am sure I could find a blog or fifty about this exact same topic floating around not too many clicks away from my own. What is left to say?
  6. I won’t blog for self validation. Oh, that feels so egomaniacal, and I’m really, really trying to break free from viewing the world through the lens of my own insecurities or selfish wants and needs as an individual. The world is bigger than me and my problems, blessings, or giftings, so I should write like it.
  7. Several times in the past I have found myself enjoying a situation or even creating a situation simply because of the blog post it would make. EEK! I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to blog about life, not live to blog.
  8. I don’t want a post to make me or my family feel vulnerable to painful scrutiny. Is avoiding that even possible?
So why would I bother blogging at all?
  1. I love it.
  2. It motivates me sort through my thoughts.
  3. I think it’s cool when others benefit, at times, from my ramblings.
  4. I love reading back through them to see personal growth I might not have noticed otherwise.
  5. I love the record of moments that should never been forgotten.
  6. Others sometimes ask me to.
So, with rare exception, I’ve spent the last few years sorting through my rules rather than writing and now I’m opening them up to you if you care to contribute. Many thanks to my beloved SIL, Natalie, beautiful cousin Jessica, and dazzling new friend Elizabeth, all fellow bloggers, for their wise insights into this topic already.



8 thoughts on “Blogging About My Issues With Blogging

  1. First of all, I thoroughly enjoy reading everything you write. You are wise, funny, godly and inspiring. The fact that you are trying to guard against those things show your heart is in the right place. I think that satan tries to keep us from sharing our experiences, thoughts and wisdom with others by telling us what wretched sinners we are and what we say is not worth hearing. This way we won’t bother sharing and others will not benefit from what God has taught us. I second guess myself alot, but I have decided if He wants me to share it really doesn’t matter – it must be going to help someone! Miss seeing you!!


  2. I think that blogging can be like a conversation. You don’t get the whole picture in one blog post. You see a little frustration in one post, joyful in the next, a funny story thrown in, and overall you see the heart of the person. To try and capture the heart of the blogger in one post is like trying to know someone after just one conversation with them. So, my thoughts – share what is on your heart in a way that glorifies God. For sure, be careful about sharing about others when they aren’t able to okay it, but your experiences don’t have to include their parts. (I get not wanting to air others’ laundry. I have been pretty bad about this in the past.) Show us who you are through your stories about your travels, your teaching, your family traditions, your mistakes, your triumphs one post at a time.


    • Thanks so much for your thoughts, Melissa! How did you hear about my blog? Hopefully some day soon I’ll settle this matter for myself and be back to my old, blogging self. Thanks again!!


      • Rochelle, I’ve been reading your blog since your Eli was little. I love reading your writing. You word things so sensibly and eloquently at the same time. Madelyn and Greyson always loved looking at the pictures of all the adventures you all would go on. You need to get back to blogging just because my kids would love to see those pictures again…. 😉


  3. Oh, Melissa! Sorry I forgot that Melissa Mae is you! I tried to click on your name to see who you were, but it didn’t work on my phone. Thanks so much for your comment!! It was great to hear from you!


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